Hannah is the Program Director for Global Capacity in a full-time role in Rwanda. She is overseeing the daily operations of the organization and spending time getting to know the students who are scholarship recipients. She is excited for the challenges and learning opportunities ahead as she invests in these students and represents the Board of Directors on-the-ground in Rwanda.

Previously, Hannah was a research technician working with Riparia at Penn State University. She spent her days doing a variety of tasks related to wetland research including lots of fieldwork in the summer (teaching and managing undergraduate interns) as well as GIS (geographic information systems) and other data analysis. She enjoys learning and discovering new things, seeking to see and understand the connections between nature and people and place and then extend what she learns to benefit and serve others. She believes that learning (and formal education) is an fundamental right of every person and the basis for strengthening individuals and communities so that they grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Hannah has been blessed to travel for school, fun with family and friends, and ministry opportunities to distant places including Costa Rica, Nepal, Austria, France, Aruba, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Rwanda, and Moldova. These have been incredible learning and heart-growing experiences that shape the way that she sees her place in this crazy world and compel her to live and love for the betterment of others.

Nsekuye Jean Bosco, Program Assistant


Bosco is Global Capacity’s Program Assistant in Rwanda. He is currently a student in university in Kigali, Rwanda. Bosco is also a translator for our partner A Voice For Rwanda. His job responsibilities include school and house visitation of our students, maintaining our student records and database, and communicating with our students and school administrators. Bosco is a Secondary school graduate thanks to a scholarship provided by Global Capacity.

Les and Yvonne Parr, A Voice For Rwanda


Les and Yvonne are founders of Rwanda-based NGO called A Voice For Rwanda.  They are implementing several programs for families in poverty in the village of Akindege near the capital city of Kigali as well as in the Rubavu District of western Rwanda.  Global Capacity is partnering with A Voice For Rwanda by providing secondary and vocational school scholarships for children of the families the organization is working with.